Hey what's up guys. I'm now working on a new EP this will contain a return to the alternative rock act like I want like 'Prominence." I have a drummer who is interested in working so we're going to go from there. It's taking a long time to get things back in order due to the pandemic but things are getting better I think. Hopefully I'll play live soon and get this shit together and everything will be okay there's still the new album "Far From Over" available for $5 so keep buying I've had a few purchase the album and Thanks to all who bought!!! There's more coming soon. Open mic plays are about to begin again as well! The EP will be full versions of three or more new songs and some old full versions I think will sound great, we'll see. Peace out motherfuckers!!!

8/20/20: Hey guys! Hope all is well. I added another video on the videos page of me playing an older song called "Come Back" from 2013! ENJOY!!!

08/01/2020: Check out the new comedy sketch "Bank Teller Complaint" on the audio comedy page. It has a surprise recurring character from all these sketches. The "Far From Over" album is still $5 as well. Hope all is well.

07/27/20: Hey guys I reduced the price of the new album for $5 for now and put more individual singles to download on the music page. Some are free some are not. Just remember if you download all 3 songs that are a dollar each you could just get all 10 songs on the album including those three songs for $2 more!

07/20/20: The new album "Far From Over" is available now for $6!!! Two songs from the album are available for download for free at this time. They are the title track "Far From Over" and "In Your Eyes!"

07/18/20: A new single is available for free download called "In Your Eyes." It is the last track on the new album "Far From Over" that will be released on July 20th...(This coming Monday, two days from now)

07/13/20: The new album "Far from over" has been now deemed way ahead of schedule! I first said a Fall release but due to being out of work and at home a lot I'm almost done with it. It has only been six months since I released "No need to panic" and I have managed to have time to complete one. I'm now saying it is in the post production phase. Just a few loose ends to tie up and should have it out in a week or so. Hope all of you are doing well. Check out the new (ish) song "Home" on the music page! You can download it for free for now. It's an acoustic version of a heavier 2006 song with the old band "Prominence." from the album "Wide Awake" (The same album "Fear" is off of that you can still download!!! PEACE OUT!!! 

07/02/20: A new single for the new album "Far from over" (still in production!!!) is available now. It's an acoustic version of "Drowning." You guys may have heard it from the EP released in 2011. It was the lead and title track. This version of this song is dedicated to the late Patrick Crotty and Barry Burrell that loved this song while they were alive. The song was more heavy but this is acoustic. I wrote it in 2008 when living in New Hampshire, it's a very personal song about spiritual struggles. ENJOY...AGAIN!!! I also posted a new comedy sketch on the audio comedy page. So listen to the new stupidity called "Cop harassment." Peace out!!! --JOSH

06/23/20: Hey guys I posted a remaster of a song from an album back in my band days just for the hell of it. You can download it on the music page!!! It's an old song called "Fear." It was released under the artist name "Prominence" (My old band founded by me.) Super duper special thanks to Jason Miller for the bass and Andy Balla for the drums!!!

06/15/20: "Feel like this" is the most recent song you can download!!! ENJOY!!! Will be back playing live as soon as it's safe to do so! --Josh

05/21/20: "Hey guys, hope all is well with this crazy covid thing still going on. I posted more singles both new and a little older on the music page for you guys. You can download them for free at this time. The album "No need to panic" is still available for $3 as well.

05/16/20: The new version of "Ghost," and the new song "If you go." are available for download today plus more on the music page.

5/13/20"I've added some more comedy to my site! Go to audio comedy page to hear another Tisha sketch. She checks into a hotel this time. More music is on the way too!

05/07/20: Three new singles have been added for free download. "Far from over," Complicated," and "Sorry" are it!!! ENJOY!!!

04/24/20: "Far from over," the new single is available for download now.

04/23/20: New singles are still on the way. "No need to panic" is still available as well for $3. Hopefully this COVID19 stuff will end and live performances will be back soon!!!

03/28/20: New singles are on the way. There is also newly added audio comedy you can check out. I was unsure about mixing my comedy with my music but with all that's going on, you may need to laugh. I'll give a warning about the vulgar language it contains though.

03/19/20: "Due to all this COVID19 outbreak stuff I as well as most of my fellow performers are putting playing live on hold for now. This is due to fear of exposure to this virus and the fact that a lot of venues are either afraid to open or (for example in North Carolina) have been forced to close.. Hopefully we will recover and be back to normal soon. I love all of the people who have liked the music I have created since 2001 and it has been an honor to have been able to entertain you guys for 19 years! I know this sounds like a goodbye but it is not. I word it this way because I am very seriously uncertain about what is going to happen.. I will at least do what I always do and hope for the best!!! I will continue to be recording new material that I have written so be on the lookout very soon for some new singles. Some songs to look for may be titled "Sorry" and "Best of me." STAY TUNED!!!" --JOSH

01/13.20: The album "No need to panic" is now available for only $2! And to change it up a bit the song "Break the silence" is available for free download!

03/05/20: A project of an unknown title is in work and there may be a few new songs on the way. This untitled (yet) project will include at least three redone/acoustic versions of some past songs. Including songs written as early as 2005! "I hope this post makes you put 2 and 2 together and conclude to the fact that I'm feeling better at this time." Josh says. There are also still four singles still available for free download. These are the lead tracks from the "No need to panic" album on sale for $2.99 still...as well. Just go to the music page.

03/03/20: Josh has been sick with pancreatic issues again and has not been able to perform as much as he would like. 

-02/08/20: The new album "No need to panic" is still on sale. The price has been reduced to $2.99 for now!

-1/10/20 :"Happy belated New Year guys!!! I'm doing a lot better. Will try playing live tonight! The new album "No need to panic" is for sale as of today for only $3.99! There are also four of the individual singles available for download! Check out the my music page. Thanks in advance for all the love and support. Stay tuned for more!!!" --JOSH


-12/31/19: Josh is now home and recovering. He is still too weak to perform. He says "Thank you for all your prayers, thoughts and visits while I was in the hospital. Should be ready to roll soon!"

-12/27/19: Josh is improving. Still admitted in the hospital as of this date though. The expected discharge date is turning into Monday on 12/30. The condition he is in may still render him not being able to perform or record for a little while but like what is recommended on the home page, check out the news when you visit. That's all for now, STAY TUNED!!!

-12/19/19:Due to ongoing health conditions, Josh is physically incapable of performing live at this current point in time. An unexpected long hospital stay with multiple precedures and surgeries have been the cause of this. This is due to his pancreatic condition that developed from a long past of heavy alcohol consumption.

-There are also new videos on the videos page, (well new to this site.) of some past live performances. Enjoy!!!

-Thank you all for your support!!!