Josh Carland is an American actor and musician. He was born in Hendersonville, North Carolina. As of January 15, 2020 he is the age of 40.
    Carland started into the performing arts with stage acting when he was 14 in 1994. He received the role of Drake, an English butler in a production of ‘Annie.’ He went on to perform numerous roles from 1994 to 2001. The last portrayal in a play was Duvid Pichenik (A young Polish Jew) in ‘A Shayna Maidel’ (which was set around post holocaust after World War 2.)in 2001. The performance of Duvid was a challenge for Josh because it was a serious and more intense role unlike his previous work that had been more known as a comic relief type. The serious and unexpected emotion overwhelmed him in a way he was not familiar with. He states "I couldn't get sleep, I was challenged emotionally, getting deep into a character like that really fucked with me." That would be the last project involving stage acting he would participate in. That was in mid 2001.
In 2001 Josh became interested in an idea of performing music. He pursued starting an alternative rock act. He began with singing and collaborating with a guitar player. They started playing covers and soon performed a few open mics in the Western North Carolina area. New songs were written but the first guitar player left for mutual reasons. Josh started exploring other options for players. Soon he had recruited a guitarist, bass player, and drummer. They formed ‘Prominence,’ an alternative/post grunge rock band. His lyrics have been mostly described as dark and pessimistic. Small gigs and no following or fanbase didn’t have the first lineup very successful.  ‘Prominence’ was then disbanded. Carland was also in a Christian rock band playing percussion and backing vocals. This project didn’t work out well either. This is where a long playing alcohol problem started taking a toll on all parts of his life. Carland taught himself guitar and continued writing songs and reformed ‘Prominence.’ This second lineup was more improved but didn’t last long either. This led to Josh’s decision to become a solo act, disbanding 'Prominence' officially in 2007. He has been a solo act from 2007 until currently. As of late 2020, Josh has been working with a drummer on new full band arrangements with plans to maybe form another band act. He is undecided at this time. He is working on an EP as of late 2020 as well. This new work will be a return to alternative rock. Something Josh has not done in 13 years.
Due to the previous alcohol abuse, health problems have taken a toll on Josh’s work since 2005 when he was first diagnosed with pancreatitis. This condition was a direct result of his alcohol abuse. He continued to drink and caught pancreatitis a numerous amount of times. These nearly fatal attacks were a wake-up call that he had a problem with alcohol. He had struggled with alcoholism for almost ten years in a state of denial. Other drugs came into play later on leading him to multiple relapses. Carland states that (currently) performing live clean and sober is better than being under the influence performing live. He openly will say he is a recovering drug addict and attends a lot of self help therapies to treat it. As of 2020, he still pursues music but does it sober. Despite being sober the progression of pancreatitis has rendered Josh disabled, in and out of the hospital, and multiple hiatuses with musical projects due to being too ill (mainly due to severe pain, fatigue and nausea.) to perform. He spent the entire month of December 2019 in the hospital due to this illness and almost did not survive. He is at high risk to the development of pancreatic cancer and is diabetic due to the illness as well. The disease is permanent and progressive. Check out the ever changing news page for all updates including his condition and new releases. Thank you for your time.